Working under the swift and dedicated principles of customer service which governs our regiment, Quick Finance Group offers our customers a quick and hassle-free application process, all of which can be done online. Dig deeper into our site to find and begin our free online car title loan application.

Once you begin the process of filling out our free online application, we will ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Personal information: Quick Finance Group will ask you to provide us with your name, your phone number, and your zip code. We prompt you for this information with the sole intention of using it to contact you as soon as we can to discuss and proceed onward with your car title loans in Punta Gorda application.
  • Vehicle information: Here, you will be prompted to provide us with just the most basic information about your vehicle, things which include the make, the year, and the model of the vehicle, along with the mileage of the vehicle as read on the odometer. These are used to determine the net worth of your collateral, which will assist us in determining the size and length of the car title loan that you can receive.

How it Works

Generally speaking, a car title loan is a simple concept. In exchange for an unspecified amount of money, the consumer will offer the lender his or her car title up as collateral. This way, if the loan is not paid back within the specified repayment period, the lender has the right to administer whatever means necessary in repossessing your car from you.

The concept of collateral itself sounds grim, but it really isn't. Loans from other financial institutions, and of all other types - automobile, home, business - all require equal or more in terms of the collateral. Collateral is not a new concept with loans, in fact it is one of the oldest. The only reason collateral exists is for banks and lenders have a way to recoup for their losses if the consumer decides or is in fact unable to repay the debts accrued through the loan which they took out.

However, the differences between a car title loan and other types of loans do not end there. There are several key benefits associated with car title loans Punta Gorda, Florida, that are not associated with other types of loans. They are:

  • No credit check: Quick Finance Group will not run a credit check of any kind on you. This is for a couple of reasons, the first and foremost being this: we don't need to.

    We give our consumers a dynamic of trust not available with other types of loans. The title of your vehicle as collateral is enough for us to not have to think into it further. Which leads into the next benefit . . .

  • Almost immediate approval: With car title loans Punta Gorda, Florida, we will review and approve your application in a fraction of the time that it takes other financial institutions, and will call you within a range of just a few days, a week, or even less if we can, to further discuss your loan with you and get you where you need to be. Our professional staff here at Quick Finance Group are dedicated to being swift and professional in the handling of your new car title loan. It is our promise to handle your case in the same fashion.

    The legality of a car title loan is fairly simple. Nationwide, car title loans operate legally and without quarrel with any legal system - they are nationally recognized as a type of loan. The state of Florida isn't any different.

Bear in mind when you begin the search for your new car title loans Punta Gorda, Florida:

  • Often times, car title loan lenders will have a specified repayment period for the amount(s) of money that you've borrowed from them. If the money isn't received in full by this agreed upon date, the financier has the legal right to attain your vehicle and do with it what they wish, as you signed it over as collateral for the loan. In most cases, the repayment period is 30 days.
  • Lenders are often negotiable, however, so this rule isn't completely set in stone. Some financial institutions will allow select consumers to extend their payment periods from 30 days to months, or even years, depending on the amount of money taken out and the size of the payments coming in. If this sounds like an option that would interest you, it would be best to get approved for a car title loan first before speaking with a professional car title loan officer for more details about this process.

All in all, a car title loan is a perfectly viable option for the person who has found themselves in a bind and is strapped for cash. Quick Finance Group will work with you along every step of the way in securing the funds you need to get yourself out of a bind and into a happier place. We understand the hardships that a financial burden can bring, and we are only here to help you.

What are you waiting for? Begin your free car title loan application online, call us, or pay us a visit today!